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Impeccable quality at the best prices for each and every one

Mauvilac is the first paint manufacturing company which was certified to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard back in 1995. A number of our products are certified with respect to local standards MS3, MS4 and MS87.

Recently Mauvilac has undergone a recertification audit against the new 2015 version of the ISO 9001 standard. This Quality Management System standard enables the company to demonstrate its ability to provide quality products and services according to its valued clients’ specifications as well as applicable statutory and legal requirements.

A ISO 14001:2015 certification audit was also performed simultaneously with the ISO 9001:2015 recertification audit within an external integrated audit framework. ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised Environmental Management System standard which aims to generate sustainable environmental performance through the optimal utilisation of resources and reduction of wastes within our manufacturing operations.

The establishment and implementation of this double ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification enables Mauvilac to integrate a continual improvement approach in all our processes as stipulated by these two Quality & Environmental Management System standards.

Mauvilac Industries, SGS ISO 9001 
Mauvilac Industries, SGS ISO 14001

So much more than colour

Rising above the sole and superficial considerations of colour—and this where the brand’s cutting edge lies—Mauvilac products go way beyond the primary function of decorative coatings and constantly bring optimal added value to the end user.

Impeccable quality at the best prices for each and every one

Mauvilac is the first company to have been awarded the ISO 9001 Certification in 1995. Well before the Made in Moris label was ever even thought of—with the view to driving and acknowledging quality excellence in local production, several Mauvilac products had long been certified by the Mauritius Standards Bureau (MSB) up to MS3, M24, MS87 norms. Mauvilac products are developed targeting one and same objective, from basic top-notch range: equally ensure that all users be they small or big, individuals and professional alike obtain the best quality-price ratio from the product they buy.

State-of-the-art technology

From its inception, Mauvilac Industries invested into a full-fledged and fully independant Research & Development department with strategic partnerships ensuring knowledge and know-how transfer. Mauvilac R&D unit constantly and closely follows the world’s paint industry progress, on the watch for significant innovations. The unit is equipped with a state-of-the art lab, managed and monitored by passionate team of experts. They are constantly improving on the product offer, ensuring international quality standards, going even above, leading the major breakthroughs of the Mauritian paint sector.

Spear-heading innovation

Mauvilac thrives on challenges and driving innovation. Mauvilac is the one to have released revolutionary products such as self-cleaning paints, antibacterial and sanitizing paints, UV and heat reflecting paints for better energy-efficiency, environment-friendly paints, to name but a few. Half a century past of non-stop innovations translate the dynamic spirit of an enterprise always keeping pace with the needs of a fast-evolving nation, even anticipating these. Today, both professionals and individuals can choose from an impressive range of Mauvilac products tailored for local climatic conditions, technologically sharp yet most friendly to the environment.

An impressive range of products

Mauvilac paints cover all surface types—cement, wood, metal; provide an extensive choice of decorative paints and in every possible colour, for most, thanks to the Mauvimatch colour matching system. Mauvilac paints run from ground to walls, from ceilings to rooftops, through gardens and pools, houses and schools, industries, commercial infrastructures and hospitals, extends to roads and cars and boats. Products also include a range of highly specialised coatings, tints and varnishes; painting equipment and accessories; glues, adhesives and putties as well as surface repair, treatment and preparation products.

A responsible avant-garde enterprise

As an avant-garde and responsible entreprise and in a spirit of genuine participation to the Maurice Ile Durable project for a sustainable Mauritius, Mauvilac has developed the GoGreen label. It rests upon the first environmentally friendly code of conduct of the Mauritian paint industry. Greener production processes are now part and parcel of Mauvilac’s production tool. And the proportion of GoGreen products within the product portfolio is constantly on the rise.

Unchallenged leadership

Mauvilac is synonymous with the sum of these concrete achievements, a sum of experience and expertise too and the non-stop desire for excellence. These are also the many genuine reasons why Mauvilac Industries remains the unchallenged leader of the Mauritian paint industry and explains that the 100% Mauritian brand is a unanimous pride of and prized by the Mauritian people.

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A World In Colour

A World In Colour
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Colour Therapy
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Excellence & Choice of Products

Excellence & Choice of Products
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Visit Our Concept Stores
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