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Practical Tips :

  1. It is advisable to use rollers for large surfaces. However, if ever you feel unsure as to being able to use it skillfully, then choose large and flat brushes. The lot will get the work done faster.
  2. For enamel and gloss paints, use short-bristle brushes.
  3. For satin or mat paints, use a roller with medium-length bristles.
  4. For plastering, long-bristle brushes are recommended.
  5. For angles, choose round-ended brushes; a fine brush will help you access difficult areas.
  6. To protect skirtings, electric switches, sockets, for neat and rectilinear delimitation of 2 or more paints of different colours—don't forget masking tape. Make sure that the paint you are fixing it on is perfectly dry.
  7. To protect furniture and floors from paint drippings and splashes—plastic sheets are most efficient when it comes to covering areas before painting.
Mauvilac Industries, Accessoires

Our range of products :

Maupinceau (Brushes) reference No. 011 & 115, 1 to 6 inches.

Maupinceau Wooden Brush 1 to 6 inches.

Brush Bundles available in 3 x2’ 3 x3’ 1’ +2’+3’ 2’+3’+4’

Roller (Sponge)

Roller Long Hair reference No. 212, 9 inches.

Roller Short Hair reference No. 213, 9 inches.

Telescopic Handle available in different sizes.

Tray 7 to 10 inches.

Wood Graining Tool (Rubber) creates wood vein textures on walls.

Sanding Paper

Putty Knife in chrome or steel.

Masking Tape available in different widths.

Protective Plastic sold in sheets.


Colorvogue : Test your colors !
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paint brushes bundles

New Product: Paint Brushes Bundles
Available in packs of 3

A World In Colour

A World In Colour
Discover the wonderful possibilities of colour. Create beauty. Set off trends.

Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy
It’s a well-known fact: Colours do have a direct impact on our emotions and mood.


Mauvilac Industries proposes you this selection inspired by fashionable colours of the moment.

Excellence & Choice of Products

Excellence & Choice of Products
An exceptional diversity of coatings for a multitude of uses.

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Visit Our Concept Stores
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