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We provide our customers with a range of accessory products so that they might enjoy a one-stop-shop service. We distribute glues, adhesives and putties from reputed international brands as well as our home brands, all produced to international standards.

Profix Get your tiles fixed once and for all. Profix is a polymer modified cement-based adhesive. It only needs to be mixed with water. It offers superior vertical and horizontal adherence and an excellent resistance to heat and wear. Profix is meant for interior and exterior applications, on floors and walls, for the following uses:

  1. Fixing of tiles for thin-set walls and thick-set floor works.
  2. Direct application as a cement-based adhesive coat prior to application of cement based plasters on all concrete surfaces such as walls, ceilings, pillars, table tops.
  3. Repairs to static cracks in cement-based plasters.
  4. Fixing of swimming pool tiles, together with Mauviseal, as it can be immersed in water.
Mauvilac Industries, Profix TeaserMauvilac Industries, Profix

Surface Preparation
Ensure all surfaces are properly leveled out; are dry, sound and clean; exempt from rust, grease, oil and old paints or adhesives.

Application Method
Mixing for a 20kg bag: Add approximately 5 litres of water to a clean bucket and gradually mix in the contents of a 20kg bag. Keep stirring until a lump-free paste is obtained. Set aside for approximately 5 minutes and mix again before use. Note: Once mixed with water, Profix mix must be used within the next 3 hours. Wet the surface immediately before applying the cement-based adhesive.

Application As Tile Adhesive
Spread with a 6 mm notched trowel. Floor tiles: Spread with a 10 mm notched trowel. On deep-grooved tiles, apply a thin layer of the adhesive on the tile before fixing. Bed tile firmly onto adhesive by using a rubber mallet; remove excess from joints before drying occurs. For optimum results, ensure that no void exists between the tile, the adhesive and the substrate; respect the open time, corrective time and pot life, spread over an area of approximately 1 m2 at a time to ensure good application on workable wet bed; adjust tile joints while adhesive is still workable.

Crack Repairs
Open the cracks in a V shape with a suitable tool. Use a hand trowel to fill in the cracks, to correct defects and to smoothen.

Drying Time
Initial drying time is +/- 5 hours. However, corrective time is approximately 35 minutes after applying the adhesive. Final setting time is +/- 20 hours.

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Epoxy GP Clear Adhesive is a clear solvent free general purpose epoxy adhesive. It works in a two pack system, supplied with hardener. Coverage is 0.5-2 m2 per litre/coat. Solvent to be used with it is Epoxy Thinner.

Evostick 528 is a general purpose contact adhesive. Coverage is 4-5 m2 per litre/coat. Cleaning solvent to be used with it is Karnamel Thinner.

Pattex Contact Adhesive is recommended for rapid repair jobs. It is deal for leather, rubber, wood, metal, glass, etc. It bonds instantly and powerfully with a strength of over 85kg per cm2.

Pattex Transparent is a crystal clear contact adhesive. It offers high bonding strength and great water and temperature resistance. It is ideal for bonding glassware and repairs to neoprene diving suits and dinghies etc.

Evobond is a polyvinyl acetate based universal adhesive for building and wood works. Coverage is 2-10 m2 per litre/coat. It is water soluble.

Polybond is a high quality universal adhesive, sealer and concrete additive. Coverage is 2-10 m2 per litre/coat. It is water soluble.

Perfix is an exterior crack filler to be applied prior to paint works. It is weatherproof and water resistant. And can be used to fill up gaps up to 20 mm. It mixes easily with emulsion paints.

Tangit is a high pressure PVC cement. It can be used with both pressure & non pressure PVC pipes, for plumbing works etc.

Mauviseal is a water based mixture supplement for cement compositions. It increases the adhesive properties of cement mortars and plasters; improves flexibility, resilience; tensile and flexural strength. It is water resistant and impermeable to vapor penetration.


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